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This page is dedicated to my art collection of Star Trek's Lt.Cmdr. Jadzia Dax and Capt. Kathryn Janeway. Click on the pic to visit the artist's website.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Jadzia Dax Art Collection

Jason Potratz/Jack Hai Elaine Perna Chris Henderson Nathan Ohlendorf
Jamie Fay Cassie J Cassie J Kate Bradley
Brian Kong Andrew Edge Keith Garletts David Newbold
Jason Martin Don Pedicini Jr Steven Miller Steven Miller
Steven Miller Mark J Tannacore Katie Cook Katie Cook
Otto Dieffenbach Jon Ocampo Kevin Graham Chris Mixer
Laura Inglis Sean Pence Tom Hodges Mathew Tow
Jim Kyle JZ Vandemark JZ Vandemark Dane Ault
Rowena Pagarigan Ingrid Hardy Chuck Zsolnai Jeff Chandler
Rich A Molinelli

Star Trek Voyager: Kathryn Janeway Art Collection

Jason Potratz/Jack Hai Elaine Perna Nathan Ohlendorf Cassie J

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